Way way back in hi-sto-ry
lived a band lived a band
named wa-pa-tu-ee.

Now people thought
it was all for fun
playing their last gig
in the winter sun

But jacob, don, nick, matt, reid, and frank
came out to the bar and they had a drank

They liked this place
so they had to return
to spoon-dogg-ers
haven’t ya’ heard?

No Empty Dance Cards

The Southern Stop is an amazing place with great food, wide open spaces, and owners who are just as much a part of the experience as any item on the menu.  We love playing here and we know you will have a great time too.  Bring your dancing shoes.

Wapatui Plays Pell Lake

Come check us out as we play our inaugural show at Spoon Doggers on Pell Lake.  We are ringing in 2021 strong and want to show everyone in Genoa City what live music is supposed to be like.  Bring your dancing shoes and don’t be afraid to sing along with us.  I’m sure we are going to find a song or 10 that you will love.