Das Barrel Room

First time in Germantown.
First time at Das Barrel Room.
Not our first rodeo.

Dousman Beer Garden 2022

It started from my best friend saying “hey, see if you can help out the Dousman Chamber of Commerce.”  They need an awesome band for the beer garden event on September 24th.  I said… “Cool”… and started the communication process.

Here we are now announcing our first show in Dousman!

We will be there to make music for you all to dance to.  Our guitarist lives just next door in North Prairie… so we can party like neighbors do!!!

Wapatui Live at Nashville North

We’re back for more!

State Fair was great.
Brady Street Festival was amazing.

Its time to rock it on a random Thursday and make the magic happen again.

Wisconsin State Fair – Nashville North Stage at Charcoal Grill

A long title for an event that can be summed up in one word… awesome.

This is the first year that Wapatui has officially played the Wisconsin State Fair.  It is an honor to share the stage with so many other greats and we have already solidified our spot for next year as well!

Wapatui and Wine

Whatever your taste buds prefer; Red, White, or something in-between… They’ve got it all at Vino Etc.
Wapatui has a little bit of everything too; Motown, Fusion, R&B, Jam Bands, Blues,& Rock.
If you can’t find something you like amidst all the options we’ve got here… ….God bless you!

Wyld Stallyns

Come get WYLD with Wapatui. This is our first time playing at “Da Bar” and we are ready to rock with all you STALLYNS!!! The future depends on this show happening! Come prepared to see some serious shredding! (insert gratuitous over-the-top guitar solo here…)